Alex Griswold Productions

I'm a documentary film maker based in Massachusetts. My work resides at the intersection of science, education, and media, focusing on the visual impact of moving and still images to inform and motivate viewers.

Recent videos

Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Explainer about the work of the Sunderland Lab at Harvard SEAS. Producer/videographer/editor

Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Caroline Buckee about mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Producer/videographer/editor

Photography projects

Since a family friend gave me a Zeiss Contina camera at age 16, I have been fascinated by making and looking at still photographs. Frozen light glancing from a surface, making an indelible record. Photographs as a record of a particular place and moment in time.

Multi-exposure 2017 solar eclipse

The Great American Eclipse (2017)
Captured on diazo film with a rotating shutter.

When I can, I return to shooting still images using film. Film forces the photographer to slow down: to visualise the combination of framing, exposure, and the flattening of space before the act of exposure. Afterwards: viewing the result, discovering details and the connections buried in details, occasionally triggering a flood of emotion or meaning. But always a simple record of the light at a time and a place.

Current Projects

Cheesecake Brook & Other Waters of Newton  

On-going project: streams and brooks in analog black and white.

Cheesecake Brook

Cheesecake Brook at Charles River, Albermarle Road


People, perhaps children working alone or with adult helpers, build forts and shelters in parks and conservation lands, using materials collected nearby. Usually these structures are found near paths or houses, but once in a while they are tucked away where they blend into the surroundings and are almost invisible. A close observer, walking by, can watch these constructions elaborate and grow over a few weeks. After that they stand, and slowly return to the forest from which they came.

Old Parks

Old parks exist thanks to former political leaders who had the foresight to set aside land for public use or when private citizens gave properties to create public spaces for the enjoyment of all. One of the measures of our civic responsibility is the extent to which we care for and preserve these public spaces.

Mounting Blocks

I began to notice granite blocks in front of some older houses. These seemed to have no function, until I realized they may be artifacts from an earlier era - a way to mount a horse or a carriage. Once one begins to look for them, one is rewarded to find them in many unexpected places.